Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts that give your favourite colleagues a 'high five' for the year that was, plus, are ten out of ten for our Sea.   Whats that?  Stylish corporate gifts that are eco-friendly?  Whaaaat?  Now that is some corporate Christmas gift cheer worth spreading.

Our foodie inspired corporate gift boxes (without the box) are filled to the brim with Christmas cheer (and locally sourced goodies that support small local businesses) are a hug in a corporate gift box (and the hugs have been way too virtual lately.)

Every Corporate Gift Basket (without the basket - it comes in an insulated cooler bag - handy) will contribute to our ocean cleaning goal of 50,000m2 of the ocean each year - and nothing sends the warm and fuzzies like saving our sea creatures.   

Select from high-quality and highly sustainable corporate gift bag edits, that can be delivered to your business or direct to multiple addresses (sent in a compostable shipping bag.)

The recipients of your special gift will also receive a certificate of appreciation, with your  (and our) thanks for the contribution of their gift, towards cleaning the Sea.   

We deliver nationwide, so get in touch to organise yours -
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