Corporate Gift Pack - 'The Daily Fix'

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The corporate gift for the executive (or non-executive) go-getter.  This gift understands that ideas are formed on-the-run, creativity is shared in the cloud, and meetings are made between school drop off’s.  This is the corporate gift that will help your fav colleagues carry the daily load, no matter how remote they sometimes might feel.  

The hero of the pack is the long-wearing and versatile canvas tote bag.  This generous tote is the perfect ‘everything’ bag - the gym, yoga, supermarket drop in-or kids' sleepover drop-off. Our Pelli insulated coffee cup plays partner to the Market Bag ….allowing you to take your drink of choice with you wherever you’re headed, or pick up a waste-free coffee on the run.

This thoughtful corporate gift is packed to the brim with daily essentials for hectic schedules.  Western Australian roasted coffee from artisan coffee maker, Grouch and Co, small-batch spiced granola from Inner Spice, stunning passionfruit from Willarra, in WA’s Southern Forrests, hand-made gingerbread stars from The Little Bakery, and stone-ground chocolate from Margeret River’s Bahen & Co. If you are looking to gift food and merchandise produced with heart, to your deserving workforce, this is a thoughtful choice.

Minimum Order Quantity: 20


1x Farmers Market Tote Bag
1x ‘Daily Grind’ Pelli Reusable Coffee Cup
1x Grouch and Co Coffee Beans. (Ping) 250g
1x Inner Spice Granola Apple and Pecan 45g
1x Bahen & Co Bar 75g
1x Little Bakery Gingerbread Stars 60g
1x Willarra Gold Passionfruit 145ml

Cleaner seas by 2050 

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