'Ok Chill' Medium Cooler Bag - Jute

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  • $49.95

The OK Chill jute insulated cooler bag uses an efficient, sleek insulated liner to keep your perishable products fresh as a daisy.  The hot beach on a summer's day will be no match for this baby.

The same handy size as the Turn the Tide medium-sized shopping bag, it collapses to flat and fits snugly into the Think Big bag for shopping trips, the OK Chill Cooler Bag has been designed to stack all your perishable groceries with its wide base and sturdy insulated walls. It also doubles as a picnic bag for the odd Saturday arvo BBQ. 

The insulated internal layer is water and stain-resistant – simply wipe it out with a damp cloth. The external jute material naturally repels water and liquids if wiped away quickly and so will resist most spills and dirt. Spot clean using water on heavier stains to keep your bag looking clean and fresh for years.

35cm x 33cm x 20cm 

Natural Jute

High-efficiency insulated interior
Strong wide handles
Open side pocket 

Cleaner seas by 2050
Change the world one shopping trip at a time. Every purchase of this product cleans up 18m2. Learn more.

Care Instructions
Wipe the inside of the bags with a warm damp cloth and mild detergent. 
Do not place loose ice inside the bag, wet the stitching or immerse in water or liquid. 
If a spill within the bag seeps into the seams, immediately remove all the items from the bag and clean the area with water only and dry completely before using again.