Produce Bags

Reusable produce bags are the perfect replacement for the single-use plastic produce bags that you get at your grocery store or supermarket for carrying your fresh produce, bread, seed, sprouts, bulk food, or loose produce.  Bundle your produce bags with your reusable shopping bag/s (we recommend rolling them and placing them in the side pocket for easy access), so you don't forget them on your next trip to the supermarket, grocery store, or farmers market on your next trip.  Our high quality, lightweight produce bags are perfect for shopping and storage when you return home, and are breathable, natural, and washable. 

Pelli Bags offers a range of produce bags, including mesh produce for fruit and vegetables (these are also often called net produce bags), very lightweight gauze product bags (also sometimes referred to as cotton produce bags or muslin produce bags), and also available is our larger bread bags, which can double for as a reusable potato bag, rice bag and other heavier items that you may buy in bulk, and our scoop and pour can be used for seed and sprout bags, or nuts, seeds, grains, and even as a reusable flour bag. 

Our produce bags are also biodegradable, compostable, vegan-friendly, unbleached and machine and hand-washable