'Roll-with-It' Fold-Away Compact Shopping Bundle

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Compostable Jute

This super-compact mini-bundle will prove unforgettable when it comes to a quick dash to the store. 

The perfect place to start your eco-shopping journey, the 'Roll-With-It' bundle is the perfect eco-friendly accessory, fitting neatly into your glove compartment, or shopping bag nook or hook. 

With two generous 'Turn the Tide' jute shopping bags, 3x reusable produce bags all packed away into the bread or potato bag, you won't be caught short at the store.

The best bit about this wee bundle though, is that it is made from 100% natural and compostable materials, so it makes a great gift for the sustainable living devotee. 



2 x Turn the Tide Shopping Bag
1 x Bread Bag

Colour Variants
100% Natural Jute

Fold-Away into one bag
Open side pockets on shopping bags
Checkout Hook, to hold your bags in place
Strong wide handles
Hand wash or spot clean

Cleaner seas by 5050
Every bag cleans up the ocean.  This bundle cleans up 35m2 of Ocean.