Tote Bags


A Pelli Canvas Tote Bag, Jute or Waxed Canvas Tote Bag is the one you 'totes' won't forget. Made from 100% natural cotton canvas, jute or waxed canvas, these stylish and sustainable tote bags make for a natural and eco-friendly alternative to PPL Bags and polyester (plastic-based) tote bags.  

Plastic-based bags include the thick plastic style bags you can get from your supermarket, the lightweight roll-away bags that you can get from gift stores, and the reusable shopping bags that many department stores and clothing stores still provide with purchase. 

Medium and Large Tote Bags

Our range of premium 100% natural canvas tote’s come in a range of sizes for every occasion, they can stand alone as a market bag, shopping bag, overnight bag, gym bag or yoga bag, and even the simplest and most lightweight baby bag.  Pack your Pelli once and use it for just one purpose, or make it your jill-of-all-trades bag and everyday best-friend bag, and take-everywhere for everything bag. Colourful, stylish designs include leopard print, pink and more.

This fav all-rounder is sure to become your fav eco-friendly tote bag, no matter what the use. 

Tote Bag Features

Generous in Size
Large Pockets
Internal Zip-Pocket (for Valuables)
Spot Clean or Hand Wash

    The Ultimate Sustainable Tote Bag

    The Canvas Tote Bags are 100% plastic-free and polyester-free and will biodegrade efficiently (around 5 months) at the end of their usage. 

    At the end of their (long) lifetime, you can repurpose, recycle or compost these bags and there will be no plastic residue. 

    Cut out the internal zip, and place the remaining fabric into your fogo bin. The zip can be saved for new sewing and craft projects.