Waxed Canvas

The premium waxed canvas bag range from Pelli Bags offers a stylish, sustainable and durable alternative to standard canvas and polyester bags, with a level of quality that is hard to match. 

The waxed canvas bag offers a level of durability that far exceeds its plastic-based, and polyester alternatives and will break down at the end of the use, back to the Earth. 

The fabric naturally repels dirt, water, and moisture and gives your beach goodies extra coverage and protection.  The fabric is dry to the touch and not sticky, smooth, soft and pliable, wearing over time to become even more naturally weathered and beautiful. 

The waxed beach bag and waxed cooler bag range, are both made from high-quality 16 oz waxed cotton canvas, making it heavy-duty, naturally beautiful.   The bags can be re-waxed to make them last even longer and will proper care can last forever. 

The naturally plastic-free material is biodegradable and will never break down to micro-plastics.  It is phthalate free, low-tox, and long-lasting

The waxed canvas will keep your beach stuff dry and clean, and your picnic cool and fresh all day long.