Pelli Ocean Challenge

Pelli Bags Ocean Challenge

Did you know that there will likely be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050?
That Australia dumps 130,000 tonnes of plastic into the ocean every year?
Or that 90% of the world’s seabirds have harmful plastic in their stomachs?

But, we believe change is possible.


Yep, our mission is to reduce the waste in our oceans by 50,000m2 each and every year.

Why 50,000? This is the length of Australia's coastline and we feel this is a number that will save hundreds and hopefully thousands of marine animals and birds, and this feels good. Along with the clean up, we hope that our products enable us all to further reduce the amount of single use plastic entering the ocean by making, thoughtful consumption easier and more beautiful.

Here’s what we’re doing to make that happen:

1. We’re offering a collection of simple, functional and beautiful shopping bags and products that make it easy to refuse plastic bags and disposable packaging.
2. Every time you purchase a Pelli product, we will facilitate the clean up metres of the ocean in your name.
3. We will be tracking our progress and letting you know when and where we clean up and how we are going towards our target.

How do we calculate the m2 of ocean cleaned for each of our Bags?

Together with our all important clean-up partners, Ocean Crusaders, we have calculated how many metres squared of ocean on average can be cleaned on an event or expedition. We, in turn, donate a portion of each bag sale to them to fund these clean ups.  Due to varying nature of the waterscape, number of volunteers, weather and other unknown factors, this amount is calculated as an average, but we always give the same amount per bag no matter what.

Ocean Crusaders run several events and cleaning expeditions across the year to remove rubbish from the oceans and from the waterways that lead to the oceans and are often responsible for pushing waste out to sea. If you would like to know more visit and if you don’t need a bag but you still want to clean up the ocean - we would love that - you can donate direct to the cause at
Pelli and Ocean Crusaders